Samples (Free Shipping)

Samples (Free Shipping)

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A premium blend combining two organic protein sources with a complete amino acid profile. All our ingredients are carefully sourced and selected to ensure complete absorption and recovery. Let our formulated blend support you when you need it most. (Samples contain one serving (40g))

Our Pure Plant Protein

Our Pure Plant protein range is a 100% natural protein supplement formulated to support your body through the process of tissue repair and growth. Our organic combination of brown rice protein isolate and golden pea protein isolate contains all the essential amino acids to ensure complete recovery. We have added carefully selected digestive enzymes to aid in absorption and digestibility to make sure there is no stomach distress when consuming our shake.

Arguably plant proteins seem to have a reputation of being gritty and unpleasant, however, we firmly believe we have found the key to creating a high protein powder without compromising on a smooth and delicious taste. We use all natural flavouring enhanced with sweet stevia to leave your tastebuds wanting more! There is no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and absolutely no fillers!

Blend, Shake or Bake!

Whether you are making a smoothie or baking muffins our powder is versatile and tastes delicious in every dish!